IT Acceptable Use Policy

The available computer facilities may be used for learning, research and personal educational development only.

The following are specifically not permitted:

    • Installing any software, except for what is provided by the College
    • Playing computer games, either directly on the computer or from websites.
    • Accessing chat rooms, including Facebook Chat.
    • Viewing, downloading or sending pornography and/or extremist/homophobic/racist/sexually explicit material. BE AWARE: There is a filter system in place to restrict access to areas of the internet we consider unacceptable . If any user tries to enter a restricted area, the attempt will be blocked and recorded. Disciplinary action may follow.
    • Any use of the Internet that would bring the name of the college into disrepute.
    • Running unauthorised programs from a portable device (such as a USB memory stick).
    • Bypassing (or attempting to bypass) any filtering system put in place by the college or our internet service provider.

Respect for Computer Equipment

    • Please treat computer equipment with respect.
    • Please be considerate of other computer users - avoid excessive noise or other nuisance e.g. personal stereos/iPods/etc.
    • You must not eat or drink in computer rooms, although bottled water is permitted.
    • Do not delete, or tamper with any software.
    • Do not tamper with the hardware or any computer leads.

Using the Network

    • We allow users to connect their own equipment to the college wireless network (Such as laptops, phones etc). The device must be approved by a member of the IT Services team before we can grant access. If the device is a portable computer (laptop, netbook, etc) you must have an up to date anti-virus program running before access can be granted.
    • We reserve the right to disable access to the network from personal devices at any time if they are deemed to be adversely affecting the performance of the network.
    • Unauthorised access to computer material (i.e. a program or data) and unauthorised modification of computer materials are forbidden by law and are punishable under the Computer Misuse Act (1990)
    • Access to the college network either from a college device or by your own device connected to our wifi is subject to this policy.
    • Users should only print out essential material, and should always check that the length of a document is reasonable before printing.

Look after your Usernames and Passwords

    • It's your responsibility to keep your username secure. Never use anyone else's account, with or without their permission.
    • Never allow anybody else to use your account. If you do, you are breaking the law and your account will be disabled. You may be subject to disciplinary action if you deliberately share your IT login details with others
    • Keep your password secret. If you think someone might have watched you typing it in, request for it to be changed immediately.
    • Don't leave a logged-in session unattended, even for a moment. You can easily lock your workstation by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del and selecting “Lock Workstation”. Do not abuse this facility by securing a computer for an excessive period of time (10 mins. Max)
    • Make sure you log out completely every time you finish using the computer.

Look after your Data

    • The College will not accept any liability whatsoever for loss, damage, or expense which may result from use of the computing facilities.
    • You, not the College, are ultimately responsible for the security of your data including any data stored in the cloud (OneDrive/Google Drive etc). If you hold important data, wherever possible, keep a backup copy. You should save your files at frequent intervals and keep your own multiple backup copies of anything that is important.
    • When you leave the College, your username and any files and emails will be deleted. Any cloud accounts will also be deleted along with their associated data (Google, Microsoft etc). It is your responsibility to ensure that you take your own copy of the files before leaving. We are unable to retrieve accounts/files after deletion!

Observe Copyright Restrictions

    • Don't copy any software without permission.
    • Don't copy any data without permission. This includes copying text or graphics. The usual exceptions to copyright arrangements which allow you to photocopy parts of an article or book do not apply to the use of computers.


    • The College takes plagiarism very seriously. Random searches will be carried out, and the College's disciplinary procedures will be used if a student has been shown to be plagiarising.

Social Media

    • We would request that you do not create groups on social media in the college's name (or using our logo) without obtaining permission from a member of college staff. Any groups that are setup with staff permission must have a member of the Varndean IT services staff as a group admin. Takedown requests will be issued to social media groups that use our name or logo without permission.


    • Staying safe when online is important, and we have published some useful materials on the student moodle site ( on our e-Safety page.


    • Remote viewing is randomly used to view the monitor of any workstation throughout college.
    • We log all internet and email usage for your safety and security.

Other Terms and Conditions

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