Google Meet

You may be asked to join online classes or one-to-one's using Meet, read this guide to find out how.

How to Join

Join from Classroom

For your online lessons, your teacher will most likely ask you to join the Meet through Google Classroom. If so, join by clicking the Meet link at the top of the Stream or Classwork page.

The Meet link on the Stream page

The Meet link on the Classwork page

Join with an invitation link

For a one-to-one appointment, a teacher of staff member may send you an invitation link. To join, click the link in your email.

The Meet link in an email

Join a scheduled event

If you have been invited to a Calendar event, you can go directly to Meet and you will see any upcoming events for that day in your list of scheduled meetings.

A scheduled event in Meet

How to use

Meet controls

Below is the controls toolbar you will see at the bottom of a Meet call. There is a button to mute/unmute your microphone, leave the call, turn off/on your camera, and turn on captions.

Meet contols

Blur/replace your background

There are times when for privacy reasons you may choose to blur or replace your background in Meet. You can do it either before you join the call, or once in the call.

Before you join the call

In a call

Pin/unpin your teacher's image

On the People tab, next to the microphone icon you will see three dots in a verticle line. Click on these and you will be given the option to pin the person's image to your screen.

Note: in tiled view you may also see the pin option when you hover over a person's image.

To unpin, simply repeat the process.

How to access the People tab (top right of Meet). You can see the people icon with the number 3 next to it, showing how many are on the call

The pin button appears after you click on the three dots

Chat and Join Activities

There are times when teachers will ask you to send messages using the chat feature, or join activities. You can acess those features through the menu on the top right.

The people, chat, and activities icons, then time, and your image, in the menu on the top right corner.

The activites menu