Contactless Registers

Tap in

Once a register has been opened, to register yourself you just need to tap your card against the reader. Once tapped you will see flashing blue LEDs like so:

Your card has been detected and sent to STS

A second later, you will see one of the following colour combinations:

The register isn’t open for your lesson yet

Your card was recognised, you were marked as present

You have been marked as late for your lesson

You have already tapped your card for the register

You aren’t a student on the open register

Your card wasn’t recognised

(visit the IT Helpdesk)

Why does it say I'm late?

You have five minutes after the lesson starts, (or the register is opened, if the register is opened after the lesson starts) to be marked in as present. After that, you are marked late, along with the number of minutes since the lesson was due to start.